Management and administrations are two important functions that are essential for business success. These two terms, though often used interchangeably, have some marked differences. 

In today's post, We will look at these differences. Do stick around, and get ready to learn.

Before we proceed, It might help to define each concept. let's start with management.


According to the first president of the society for advancement management (SAM) Ordway Tead, "Management is the process and agency which directs and guides the operations of an organization in realizing of established aims"

More appropriately, We can define management as the process of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling the resources of an organization in pursuit of a pre-stated organizational goal.

It is the process of managing the resources of an organization in the most efficient and effective pursuits of an organizational goal. 

The main goal of management is to achieve organizational success through the resources of an organization.

Management is usually done by managers. Managers are responsible for getting things done through the resources of the organization.


Administration, as Ordway Read put it, is a variety of component elements which, together in action, produce the result of a defined task done"

Administration can simply be defined as the process of administering the management of business organizations. 

It is the process of laying down the goals and objectives of the organization. As you might imagine, the administration is mainly done by an administrator

Difference Between Administration And Management 

1. Management is the process of planning, organizing, coordinating, and leading the resources of a firm towards achieving a goal whereas administration is the administering of this management.

2. While the administration is concerned with determining the plans, objectives of an organization, management is concerned with implementing the plan, policies laid down by the administration. 

In short, the administration is concerned with policy formulation (legislative) whereas management is concerned with policy implementation (executive).

3. Administration's role is decisive in the sense that they make decisions that are clear and final. On the other hand, the  Management role is less decisive and often involves governing. 

They try to influence and guide employees of an organization in a bid to achieve organizational goals.

4. Management is more technical than administration. This is because management has to manage different resources (physical, financial, human, intellectual resources) of an organization.

5. Administration is a top-level function in that they are only involved in determining the plans, objectives of the organization. 

On the other hand, Management is more of middle level and low-level function because plans and objectives will have to be put to practice by middle and low-level executives

6. The term "administration" is often used in government and military institutions whereas management is used in business concerns where profit is the number one objective.

7.  All management decisions usually require administrative inputs, but, not every administrative activity requires management input. 

Indeed, there is no management without administration. By the same token, there is no organization without management.

8. Administration is kind of a thinking function in that they decide what should be done.

In contrast, management is more of a doing function. That is, they decide how it should be done. 

9. Management is mainly involved with managing people and their work whereas administration is concerned with the efficient utilization of a company's resources.

10. The management style of an organization changes with the removal or employment of a new manager whereas administrative styles may be unaffected when new managers are removed or installed.

11. Management decisions are affected by the beliefs, values and opinion of the manager.

In contrast, administrative decisions are influenced by public opinions.


Management and administration are two distinct phrases in theory. In actuality, though, you will discover that these two concepts are nearly synonymous.

In today's society, we've seen managers execute both administrative and management tasks.
That isn't to suggest there isn't a distinction between the two conceptions.

The most important distinction is that administration is a higher-level function than management.

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