Previously, we looked at 15 managerial skills that are essential for every manager. 

One of these skills is political skills which Gerald R Ferris et al defined as '' the ability to effectively understand others at work, and to use such knowledge to influence others to act in ways that enhance one's personal and/ or organizational objectives".

A manager can get what he wants without appearing selfish or self-centred. It's the ability to persuade people to act in a way that advances personal and organizational goals.

As Ferris noted, Political-skilled individuals exhibit 6 essential behaviours, namely 

1. Thinking before speaking

2. Managing up

3. interpersonal influence

4. Social astuteness

5. Networking ability,

6. Sincerity.

Thinking before speaking

Political skilled individuals think before they speak. They have good impulse control as they only engage in organizational conflicts that are essential.

They carefully analyze situations before sharing them with their team members. Political skilled individuals are always mindful of the timing and presentation of ideas and information. Ferris et al argued that political skilled individuals are less likely to get derailed in their careers

Managing up

Political skilled individuals manage up. That is, they are not just good at communicating with subordinates, also good at communicating effectively with their superiors.

Political skilled individuals are good at talking with their superiors. They are also good at maintaining effective relationships with people at all levels of management in the company.

Interpersonal influence

Political skilled individuals also display interpersonal influence by developing strong relationships with others. 

They establish a good rapport with organizational members and know when to exert themselves, resulting in more cooperative relationships. They influence others without appearing political.

Because Political skilled individuals are not manipulative in their acts and instead work together to ensure that all parties win, they succeed in the long run.

Social astuteness

Politically skilled people are good at understanding people. Hence, they display social astuteness or the ability to attentively observe others and social events.

Politically skilled people exhibit social astuteness when they try to understand the dynamics of social relationships and assess their behaviour.

They show some form of interpersonal skills and are good at understanding situations. They have a high level of self-awareness since they are good at accurately assessing their personalities.

Networking ability

Another behaviour displayed by politically skilled individuals is networking ability.

They build friendships and create productive working relationships with their team members.

Rather than accumulating acquaintances, they appreciate the value of quality relationships.

Furthermore, Political skilled individuals with networking ability know when to ask for help and are also seen as wanting to help others.


The last behaviour political skilled individuals exhibit is sincerity which is the quality or state of being sincere.

Political skilled individuals are "real" and have a high degree of integrity, authenticity, and sincerity. 

They are trustworthy, transparent, and sincere in all dealings with members of the organization.