According to Watson,  "Human resource management is the managerial utilization of the efforts, knowledge, capabilities and committed behaviors which people contribute to an authoritatively co-ordinated human enterprise as part of an employment exchange (or more temporary contractual arrangement) to carry out work tasks in a way which enables the enterprise to continue into the future.

Boxall and Purcell further defined human resource management "as all those activities associated with the management of employment relationships in the firm".

Human resource management is the utilization of a company's human resources in the most and effective pursuit of organizational goals.

It is the management function concerned with the utilization of the organization's most important resource (human resource) towards achieving organizational goals.

The goals of Human resource management are as follows:

1. Helps organizations achieve their objectives by developing and implementing human resource (HR) strategies that are aligned with the business strategy.

2. Effective human resource management ensures that the organization has the desired number of talented, skilled, and engaged people it needs at any given time to achieve its goals.

3. Human resource management creates a positive employment relationship and a climate of mutual trust between employer and employee. It encourages positive contact with the employees.

4. It ensures that people are managed most ethically.

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