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As a multidisciplinary field of study, industrial relations has been defined by various authors.

Let consider a few of them.

Fajana (2006) defined industrial relations as "a discipline concerned with the systematic study of all aspects of the employment relationship".

Dunlop (1958) defined industrial relations as "an analytical sub-system of the society that involves the study of the problem posed by the wages, employment and conditions of service to which both workers and their organizations, employers and their organizations, the government and its agencies and sometimes the general public and sometimes the public must find solutions".

According to yesufu (1982), "industrial relations is the whole web of human interactions at work which is predicated upon, and arises our of employment contract".

Flander's (1965) sees industrial relations as "a system of rules and the study of the institutions of job regulations".

Derber's perceives industrial relations as "a system of rule making in which the rule-makers develop rules to guide the working relationship between the parties".

To Bethel et al, "industrial relation is the part of management that is concerned with the manpower of the enterprise whether machine operator, skilled worker or manager".

V. Agnihotri defined industrial relations as "the relationship between employees and managers which stem directly or indirectly from the union-employer relationship".

In Dale Yoder's view, industrial relations "describe the relationship between management and employees or among employees and their organisations that characteristics or grow out of employment".

C.B Kumar has defined industrial relations as "broadly concerned with bargaining between employers and trade unions on wages and other terms of employment".

According to Huge A. Clegg, the field of industrial relations includes the study of workers and their trade unions, management and employers' associations and the state institutions concerned with the regulations of employment.

Armstrong sees industrial relations as " concerned with the systems and procedures used by unions and employers to determine the reward for effort.

To sum it up, industrial relation is a a field of study that studies the relations and interactions of employers and employees.

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