Being the diligent student that you are, your mind would have already been ingrained with the knowledge of soft copy and hard copy.

For example, you know that the output of the monitor is soft copy and the output of the printer is hard to copy.

But here comes the question:

Is sound a hard copy or soft copy?

Sound is a soft copy. The first reason why sound is a soft copy is that it is intangible, as we can only hear it from the speaker and not touch it.

Another reason sound is a soft copy is because it is stored electronically not physically, as is the case with most hard copies like print-outs.

The third reason why sound is a soft copy is that we cannot listen to it without electronic media.

We, therefore, require electronic media like computers, speakers, headphones, and telephones to sound.

Last but not least, the sound is a soft copy because it can be sent electronically via WhatsApp, Telegram, and other similar platforms.

Sound cannot be physically transported from one person to another through the post office or by direct hand-to-hand transfer.

Is a speaker considered a hard copy or soft copy output device?

Speaker is a soft copy output device because its output (sound) is a soft copy.

Is a headphone a hard copy output device or a soft copy output device?

The headphone is a soft copy output device for the same reason that speaker is a soft copy output device.

This is because both sound and music, which are produced by headphones, are soft copies

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