The Nigeria Employers' Consultative Association (NECA) is a federation of employers and employers' associations concerned with labour relations, industry, and commerce in Nigeria.

It is the foremost business membership organization of employers in the organized private sector of Nigeria.

Nigeria Employers' Consultative Association

NECA provides an avenue for private employers to connect with the government, labour communities, and other relevant organizations in and outside of Nigeria to establish a harmonious business environment that fosters productivity and prosperity for all. 

The Nigeria Employers' Consultative Association (NECA) was established in 1957 to provide a national platform for all public and private employers to participate in the creation of national labour policy.

NECA is not a trade union per se. It is only a dynamic and well-respected professional body registered under the Company and allied matter Act of 1990 (now CAMA 2020)

NECA does not enact laws that must be constitutionally observed and enforced by its members because it is only a consultative body.

It does, however, have the unique opportunity to consult and negotiate with the government on problems that affect Nigerian employers.

Functions of the NECA

1. Promote and protect members' interests: NECA works to promote and protect its members' rights.

This is accomplished through legal tactics such as lobbying government officials and seeking redress in a court of law.

2. Influences economic policies and agenda: Every association exist to safeguard the interest of its members.

Being the umbrella organization of employers in the private sector, NECA has the power to influence economic policy through public advocacy and collectively, representation to the government on issues that are important to its members.

NECA positively influenced policy-making at sectoral and national levels in the interests of business

3. Create a platform for communication: The Nigeria Employers' Consultative Association (NECA) create a forum for employers to consult and discourse on issues that concern them 

It allows employers to share information and build connections that will help them grow their businesses.

A quarterly forum involving FIRS and representatives of the organized private sector (OPS) has been established by NECA

4. Bridge skills gap: NECA also supports members in bridging the skills gap through the Technical Skills development Programme (TSDP).

As defined by NECA, the Technical Skills Development Project is a joint initiative designed to promote the training and development of technically skilled manpower with appropriate Technical and Vocational Skills to meet the identified maintenance needs of industries.

 5. Promote economic development: NECA promotes economic development through capacity-building and empowerment programs.

6. Contribute to Human resource development: NECA immensely contributes to human resource development and utilization through its many training programs.

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