A personnel policy is a policy made by an organization to guide managers in handling human resources related-issues.

A Sound personnel policy must have the following characteristics:

1. It should be simple to understand: Good personnel policy should be clear and simple to understand.

To put it another way, there should be no ambiguity as to what the policies say and propose when it comes to human-related issues

2. A sound personnel policy should be related to objectives: The personnel policies should align with the general policy of the organisation.

This ensures that it contributes to the attainment of organisational objectives.

3. A sound personnel policy should protect the interests of all parties: A personnel policy should not only be consistent with the objectives of the organisation, but also with the individual goals and objectives of everyone involved (employee, government and the community).

To put it another way, a good policy should not only reflect the organization's overall goals, but also the goals of other parties involved, such as employees, the government, and the community

4. It should be in writing: A sound personnel policy should always be written down to provide a definitive meaning to procedures and activities in the organisation.

Moreover, a written personnel policy ensures that human resources related issues are handled based on documented facts rather than intuition.

5. It must be comprehensive: A sound personal should comprehensively cover all normal and anticipated conditions so that it can effectively serve as a guide for making decisions about an organization's human resources.

6. Sound personnel policy should be flexible but relatively stable: A sound personal policy should be adaptable to fundamental changes in the organisational objectives and business environment.

While being flexible, a personnel policy should be stable to assure people that there would be no sudden changes in the policy, unless in response to changes in the business environment.

7. Personnel policy should be reviewed continuously: Personnel policies are not intended to be used indefinitely without revision or improvement.

Rather, they are meant to be reviewed continuously. Therefore, a sound personnel policy should be subjected to regular review in light of the social, political and economic environment of the organization.

This ensures that the personnel policies of the organization are continuously consistent with government labour policies.


8. It should impact the HRM activities of the organization: A sound personnel policy should have a measurable impact on the recruitment, selection, training, development, compensation and retirement activities of an organisation.

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