In our society today, people engage in various kinds of occupational to satisfy their basic needs of food, shelter and clothing

Occupation refers to the various kinds of work which people do to earn enough money for their living.


It is any legitimate economic activity in which people engage to earn a living.

While some occupations such as farming and mining involve extracting resources from the soil.

Other occupations involve converting extracted resources into finished goods. Examples are factory workers, construction companies etc.

Also, Other occupations involve providing services. Examples are teachers and motorists.

Classification of occupation

Occupation can be classified into three types: Industrial occupation, commercial occupation and service occupation.

1. Industrial occupation: This refers to activities concerned with the physical production of goods.

People involve in industrial occupation produce goods that can be seen and touched.

Industrial occupations also involve assembling and putting components part together to produce a single product.

Industrial occupation can be subdivided into extractive occupation, manufacturing occupation and constructive occupation.

A. Extractive occupation: This category includes all activities involving the extraction of raw materials and natural resources from the ground or the sea.

Extractive occupations include lumbering, quarrying, mining and farming.

Wood, farm produce, crude oil, and other mineral resources that can be collected from the soil and sea are typically extracted by people in the extractive occupation.

B. Manufacturing occupation: All economic activity aimed at transforming raw materials into semi-finished or finished goods falls under this category.

Mechanical engineering, soap making companies and beverage-making companies are manufacturing occupations.

People who work in manufacturing industries generate form utility by converting raw materials into a form that can be consumed by the end user.

C. Construction occupation: This involves assembling manufactured goods to make them more useable.

Construction occupations are bricklaying, carpentering and road building.

2. Commercial occupation: All activities involving the purchase, sale, and distribution of manufactured goods fall under this category.

It includes all occupation that is aimed at making finished goods available to the final consumers.

Commercial activities include all activities in trade and auxiliary to trade.

3. Service occupation: These are jobs that do not require the delivery of goods.

It encompasses all activities geared toward providing services.

Individuals who provide services are known as called service workers.

Service workers provide either direct services or indirect services.

1. Direct services: These are personal services provided to people who are willing to pay for them.

The individual who receives the service paid for it directly in direct service.

Family doctors, private teachers, barbers, and other professionals provide direct services.

2. Indirect services: These are services rendered to the general public.

The government normally bears the cost of such services through the tax paid by the consumers of these services.

Doctors at government-run hospitals, police officers, and military officers are all examples of indirect service providers.


Importance of occupation

1. Occupation helps to maintain the standard of living as an individual standard of living depends on the income earned from occupation.

2. It keeps one occupied and gives one a reason to get out of bed in the morning.

3. It carries social prestige, as people who work in some specific profession are treated with some level of respect.

4. It enables us to earn money and become financially independent.

5. It encourages social interaction by allowing individuals to interact with one another.

6. Because people learn things about their jobs while doing them, occupations serve as a type of on-the-job training for people.

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