Although computers have largely replaced typewriters in most organization, many people many people still do not understand the difference between the two.

A typewriter is an iron-age device used for imprinting characters on a paper.

A computer is an electrical device that accepts input from the user, processes it, stores it, or produces information as an output.

A computer differ from a typewriter in the following ways:

1. A computer, unlike a typewriter, is automated.

2. While a computer has memory for storing information entered by the user, a typewriter does not have memory.

3. A computer make use of software while typewriter cannot use software.

4. Typewriters come with a built-in printer. As a result, they don't need an additional printer to produce output.

Computers, on the other hand, do not have a in-built printer, necessitating the use of an external printer to print output.

The result is that: a typewriter produce an immediate hard copy of inputted text whereas a computer do not produce an immediate hard copy of inputted data.

5.  A typewriter is a printing device because it can only print output, whereas a computer is a multipurpose device because it can play games, store input, print, edit scanned text, and so on.

6. A typewriter have one or two inbuilt font, which may not be easy to change.

On the other hand, a computer has numerous fonts which can be used for various form of document editing.

In short, a computer has more fonts than typewriter.

7. A computer is an electronic device because it operates with electrical current.

A typewriter, on the other hand, is a mechanical device because it operates using physical moving parts.

8. As you might expect, a typewriter does not always require power to operate, whereas a typical computer does.

9. A typewriter does not create a soft copy of data entered, whereas a computer can create a soft copy of data entered if it is saved in the computer memory.

10. A typewriter produce more typing noise than a computer keyboard.

11. A computer allows you to change or delete words in a sentence, whereas a typewriter does not allow you to do change or delete words because the words are immediately imprinted on paper once you press the key

12. Computer has an inbuilt grammar correction software that check for errors while a typewriter has no Grammer correction software.

Grammatic errors can only be detected by the users by himself when typing with a typewriter.

13. With the help of cloud computing, a user can access and edit information from multiple computer system.

This is as opposed to printer, which does not support cloud computing at all.

14. A computer can be used for calculation whereas a typewriter cannot.

15. A computer is a programmable machine because it cannot be programmed to act in a certain manner.

On the other hand, a typewriter is a non-programmable because it cannot be programmed to work in a certain manner.

16. You cannot play game on your typewriter but you can play game on your computer.

You can't play games on a typewriter, but you can on your computer.


17. Unlike a typewriter, which does not have internet capabilities, a computer does have internal capabilities.

Any computer can be used to access the internet as long as the device have internet connection.

To sum it up, the major difference between a typewriter and computer is that a typewriter is a mechanical, printing device which have no memory whereas a computer is an electronic, multiple-purpose device which have memory.

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