Strategic planning is the process through which an organization determines its strategy or direction and decides how to allocate its resources to achieve its strategic goals.

It is the process by which an organization creates a strong vision for the future and develops strategies to achieve its long-term goals and objectives.

Strategic planning is just the set of procedures for making decisions about the long term goal and objectives of the organization.

Tactical planning, on the other hand, can be defined as a form of planning that involves breaking term long-term strategic plans onto sub-unit so that they can be easily executed.

It involves determining what sub-units of the organization must do to achieve the organizational objectives.

Tactical planning may also be defined as the set of procedures for translating broad and strategic plans and actions into district-level plans and actions that are relevant to each of the organization's functional areas

Difference between strategic and tactical planning

1. Strategic planning covers a long period whereas tactical planning covers a medium to a short period.

2. Strategic planning is mostly done by top-level management whereas tactical planning may be done by middle-level management of low-level management.

3. Strategic planning happens before tactical planning, so tactical planning only happens after strategic planning

4. Strategic planning serves as the basis for tactical planning. Tactical planning only supports strategic planning.

5. Strategic planning is aimed at achieving strategic goals (long-term goals) whereas tactical planning is aimed at achieving tactical goals (short-term goals)

6. Strategic planning is extroverted in that it takes account of both external and internal environments of the business

In contrast, tactical planning is introverted because it only considers the internal environment of the business

7. The scope of strategic planning is larger than that of tactical planning. As a result, the scope of tactical planning is smaller than that of strategic planning

8. While tactical planning emphasizes planning and achieving the goals of the organization's sub-units, strategic planning places emphasis on the missions, visions, and objectives of the entire organization.

9. The execution and implementation of the plans are only loosely described in strategic planning. It only makes plans, which will be translated into accomplishment through tactical planning.

In contrast, tactical planning always contains important details as to how the plans are actually to be implemented and executed.

10. Strategic planning relies on information that can be challenging to collect because it considers a volatile external business environment.

Tactical planning, on the other hand, is mostly considered a less unpredictable internal business environment, so the fact on which it is based are relatively easy to gather.

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