A hawker is a person who pushes a cart or carries goods on his head in search of consumers.

Hawkers are generally small-scale retailers who travel about the streets selling goods to customers where it is most convenient for them.

A street trader, on the other hand, is a person who sells goods to customers near public places.

Street traders are typically located close to train stations, cinema stands, and at the gate of churches or mosques.

Differences Between Street Traders and Hawkers

1. Street traders have a fixed location in a public space, whereas hawkers sell goods from door to door.

2. While street vendors set up temporary stalls to sell their wares, hawkers carried stocks on their heads.

3. A street trader travels to and from a fixed selling point. This contrasts with a hawker, who roams around in search of consumers.

4. A hawker is also known as a peddler or itinerant trader while a street trader is also known as a roadside trader or pavement vendor

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