A computer can be defined as a data processing device, which accepts data processes it and produces output in the required format.

Computers have advantages and disadvantages which will be explained in this post.

Advantages of Computer

1. Computer is very fast: A computer is very fast because it can complete calculations in a matter of seconds.


Countless of complicated calculations and commands can now be executed by modern computers in a matter of microseconds, nanoseconds, or even picoseconds

Computers can complete tasks, calculations, and commands that would take people years to complete in a matter of seconds.

2. Computer can store data: This is one of the most important advantages of using the computer.

The computer allows you to store data of any form in its storage. Videos, images, audio and documents are just a few of the files that can be stored on the computer.

We don't need to maintain a lot of books in the library or CDs in our home because of the storage capacity of computers.

Businesses make use of the computer's storage capacity by keeping data of their finances, client data, and other things in the computer.

Banks are not left out. They keep records of financial transactions and consumer information on a computer.

Government agencies also stored the databases of citizens on the computer.

The beauty of computer storage is that one can access the information stored in a computer from a locations kilometers away if he has internet connection.

3. Computer is accurate: A computer also has the benefit of being extremely accurate.

Computers are completely error-free. A computer is based on Garbage In, Garbage Out (GIGO)

This means that as long as you provide the proper input, the computer will return you with an accurate result.

4. Computer is multi-tasking: Computers can accomplish multiple tasks at once, in contrast to humans can only perform  a few things at once.

A computer can carry out millions of tasks concurrently and still produce reliable results

On a computer, you could be performing calculations while editing documents, saving files, or playing games..

The multitasking capacity of computers makes them very suitable for performing enterprise functions and large operations.

5. Computer can be used for communication: The computer lets us communicate. A person in Nigeria can communicate with a person in another country thanks to the existence of a computer.

6. Computer is used for automated operation: A computer is an automatic machine because it can be used to perform automated operations.

Automatic means that the computer can complete tasks with the least amount of human involvement.

A program is all that is required for the computer to function automatically. Once it has the right program, it can complete any task without the need for human assistance..

In today's world, where most businesses have a large number of customers to serve, the automated capabilities of computers are increasingly useful. 

These businesses simply cannot serve cannot serve the large number of customers without using automated processes.

In fact, big tech firms like Google employ computers' automatic capabilities to generate search results for a lot of people every day.

Also, a lot of businesses now send emails to their customers automatically and respond to consumer inquiries using computers.

7. Computer is a very versatile machine: Formerly, the use of computer was limited to calculations only.

However, because of its versatility, the computer is now used to carry out just any task you can think of.

The computer is used in the aviation industry to handle ticket sales and maintain traveler data.

The computer is used in the education industry to hold student databases, handle exam papers, monitor academic performance, and conduct other educational tasks.

Furthermore, the foundation of online commerce is the use of computers to carry out financial transactions.

Since all blogs and information are typically stored on computers, the computer also provides a source of income for bloggers and content creators

Even with all this versatility and ability, it is believed that the abilities of computers are yet to be fully exploited.

Disadvantages of Computer 

1. Lacks self-intelligence: Despite being a smart machine, it is not self-intelligence

If you give the computer the incorrect input or program, it will produce false results for you.

Furthermore, without human input in the form of a program, the computer is as good as useless.

2. Dependence on computers can cause unemployment: As more companies rely on the automated capabilities of computers, more and more people are now using their jobs.

For instance, most companies provide automated replies to customer questions, which ought to have been done by humans. 

Indeed, it is expected that an increasing number of people will lose their jobs as a result of recent developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning

3. Computer is prone to viruses and other forms of cyber abuse: A virus is a piece of harmful software that can spread from one computer to another or from one storage medium to another in computing.

Viruses are typically created with the intention of harming computer systems and data.

Viruses can sometimes infect files that are stored in computer software, leading to file loss.

Computers are also vulnerable to attacks from hackers who could access stored data in the computer storage without authorization.

Additionally, the computer may be employed for harmful tasks like launching Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks on another Computer.

4. Addiction: Computer use can become addicting. People spend a lot of time and energy playing computer games for extended periods of time.

Additionally, people frequently spend hours on computers, especially those who use them for business.

Long computer sessions might harm your eyes. It may result in eye strain, blurred vision, etc.

5. It can be used to share fake news: Just as a computer can be used to store any form of information, It can be used to spread false information that could lead to conflict or other breakdowns in law and order.


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