There are five major marketing philosophies, namely; product concept, production concept, sales, marketing concept, and societal marketing concept.

There are two competing marketing concepts: sales concepts and marketing concepts.

Because of this, we shall examine the differences between these sales concepts and marketing concepts in today's post.

The sales concept is a marketing philosophy that contends that unless sales efforts are made, consumers will not purchase enough of a company's product.

As a result, a sales-oriented company usually engaged in aggressive sales and marketing efforts.

Sales-oriented companies believe that consumers are unwilling to buy and, therefore, must be coaxed into buying through aggressive selling and persuasive action.

On the other side, the marketing concept is a marketing philosophy that emphasizes offering and delivering the best value to customers.

It is a marketing orientation that believes that the whole essence of a company is to create, deliver and communicate value to the target market.

Difference Between Sales Concept and Marketing Concept 

1. Sales concept focuses on the needs of the seller because it emphasizes satisfying the objective of the seller.

On the other hand, the marketing concept focuses on the needs of the buyer because it emphasizes providing value to customers.

Simply said, while the marketing concept is consumer-oriented, selling concept is producer-oriented.

2. A sales-oriented company generally seeks to convert its product into cash whereas a marketing-oriented company seeks to convert customer needs into products that will be converted into cash.

3. Selling what the company has produced, not what the market demand, is the focus of the sales concept.

The marketing idea, in contrast, is focused on producing and selling what the market wants.

To put it another way, the marketing concept concentrates on the needs of the consumer, as opposed to the sales concept, which is more concerned with the product.

4. Sales concept involves directing the customer's mind to the product produced by a company whereas the marketing concept aims at directing the product to the mind of the consumer. 

5. The marketing concept is externally oriented because it has an outside-in perspective, while the sales concept is internally focused on people because it has an inside-out perspective.

6. Sales concept aims to maximize sales. In other words, it aims to close as many sales as it can.

The marketing concept, on the other hand, aims to maximize profits. In other words, it aims to make as much profit as possible

7. In contrast to the marketing concept, which starts with the target market and ends with products that genuinely satisfy consumers' needs, the sales concept starts in the factory and ends after goods are sold to customers.

8. While the ultimate goal of marketing concept is to meet the customer's need, the ultimate goal of selling concept is to transfer ownership of the goods from the seller to the buyer.

9. Short-term business planning for the selling concept primarily focuses on today's markets.

A sales-oriented firm only plan is to introduce more and more products to the market and sell them as fast as possible.

On the other hand, business planning in the marketing concept is long-term, focusing on both the present and future markets

In essence, marketing-oriented company prioritize brand loyalty over sales-oriented company

10. Sales-oriented company achieve their objective through aggressive selling and persuasive actions.

On the contrary, marketing oriented company achieved their objective through integrated marketing and the right combination of the marketing mix.

11. While marketing-oriented businesses profit primarily from having loyal customers, sales-oriented businesses profit primarily from an increase in sales volume.

To put it another way, the marketing concept is based on the idea that more satisfaction leads to higher profit, whereas the selling concept is based on the idea that higher sales lead to higher profit.

12. Sales-oriented businesses take aggressive selling measures because they believe that if left alone, consumers won't buy enough.

On the other hand, a marketing-oriented company believes that the only justification for the existence of a company is to satisfy consumer needs and provide consumer value profitably.

To sum up, the primary distinction between the sales and marketing concepts is that the former emphasizes the demands of the seller while the latter emphasizes those of the customer.

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