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Adware is any software that automatically downloads advertisements whenever a user is online.

In other words, it is software that generates revenue for its developer by showing adverts either when it is launched or sporadically while people are using the software.

Adware enables developers to monetize their software while still making them available for free to customers.

Adware can generate revenue by running full-screen, static box, video, or display advertisements.

Adware frequently includes pop-up adverts, which typically ruin the user experience.

In a bid to gather relevant information about a user so that personalized ads can be shown to them, some adware software may behave like spyware.

In other words, they may monitor the activities of internet users without getting their permission, which is against consumers' right to privacy.

Also, because the adware can download adverts while the user is using them, they might secretly download malicious content to the user's machine.

Additionally, some adware software developers allow the display violent and malicious adverts in an effort to increase the pay-per-click on their ads.

This is one of the reasons adware is usually associated with malware even though not all adware promote malicious content.

Drawbacks of adware

1. Can slow down your computer: Adware might potentially slow down the user's computer since it constantly tries to download advertisements and check for updates in the background while the user is online.

Indeed, a computer with so much adware frequently has slow performance which may be manifested in the form of delay response time to user inputs.

2. Security vulnerability: Computers with adware risk being exposed to malicious content or ads since adware downloads advertisements in the background.

3. Hurt user experience: Although adware developers has a very strong case for using advertisements as a source of income for their software, adware are well known for degrading user experience.

For example, most advertisement-supported software displays lots of pop-up ads, which hurt the user experience.

4. Privacy concern: Adware frequently contains code that tracks computer users' online activities and collects their information without their consent, usually for commercial purposes.

This poses privacy concerns for users of these software.

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