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Coordination is called the essence of management because it is very unlikely that organizational goals can be attained without proper coordination.

Coordination means making different people or resources work together for a common goal, which is exactly what management seeks to achieve.

The whole essence of management is making different people of resources work together to achieve common objectives and coordination does just that.

Coordination binds different people and different activities to ensure that the organization runs smoothly.

It unites the efforts of every member of the organization towards the objectives of the business.

It aligns each department's aims and goals with the organization's overall goals.

The essence of management is coordination, and other management function cannot be carried out effectively without it.

If there is no coordination, planning, organizing, controlling, and staffing will not be effective.

Additionally, because it is necessary at all management levels, coordination is seen as the essence of management.

Top-level management requires coordination to synchronize the activities of the whole organization toward achieving organizational objectives.

Middle-level management requires coordination to synchronize the activities of the different departments toward achieving organizational objectives.

Coordination is needed at the lower levels of management to align non-managerial employees' efforts with organizational goals.

Coordination makes sure that the goals of each department and employee are in line with the organization's overall goals.

It is required for the smooth functioning of the business. Even if an organization has the best staff and financial resources, it cannot succeed without appropriate coordination.

Coordination is necessary for the organization to run efficiency. It reduces wastage of resources by preventing overlapping and duplication of works.

Coordination integrates different activities of the organization and is thus the essence of management.

An organization that fails to coordinate its activities will certainly fail to achieve its objectives. 

The smooth running of the organization is not possible if the activities of the organization are not coordinated. Coordination is, therefore, the essence of management.

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