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As much as they can, several authors have defined society.

For this reason, we'll provide some of the most common definitions of society in this post.

According to R.M. MacIver, "Society as a web or social relationships giving importance to the reciprocal relationships that exist among its people, gave one of the most important definitions of society."

G.D.H. Cole defined society as "the complex of organized associations and institutions within the community".

In the words of Morris Ginsberg, "a society is a collection of individuals united by certain relations or modes of behaviour which mark them off from others who do not enter into these relations or who differ from them in behaviour".

F.H. Giddings has this to say of society: "Society is the union itself, the organization, the sum of formal relations in which associated individuals are bound together".

To Kimbal young, "Society is the general term for persons living in social relations".

American sociologist Charles Horton Cooley sees society as "a complex of forms or processes each of which is living and growing by interaction with the others, the whole being so unified that what takes place in one part affects all the rest".

in A.W Green's view, "a society is the largest group to which any individual belongs".

To quote Leacock "Society includes not only the political relations by which man are bound together but the whole range of human relations and collective activities"

"Society may be defined as the total complex of human relationship in so far as they grow out of action in terms of means and relationship, intrinsic or symbolic", says Talcott Parsons.

Prof Wright wrote that "society is a system of relationships that exists among the individuals of the groups."

J.F cuber succinctly defined society as "a group of people who have lived long enough to become organized and to consider themselves and be considered as a unit more or less distinct from other human units".

August Comte, who is widely regarded as the father of society gave a short definition of society. According to him, "society is a social organism possessing a harmony of structure and function."

In general, we can define society as a group of individuals who interact with one another regularly and who share similar cultural traits such as languages, values, norms, and dress.

All societies have social institutions like family, education and mass media to regulate the activities of members of the society.

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