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The reason that directing is referred to as the "heart of management" is because it initiates human activity based on organizational planning, organizing, and staffing.

All the activities of planning, organizing, staffing will have no importance if it is not put into action through directing.

The heart of management is directing, which transforms abstract plans into concrete actions.

Directing transforms plans into effective performance, which is the goal of management.

To better answer this question, let first defined directing.

What is directing?

Directing is the process of influencing, guiding, motivating and supervising the activities of members of an organization in the most efficient and effective pursuit of organizational goals.

Leading, supervising, and motivating subordinates to achieve the organizational goal are all aspects of directing.

Why is directing considered the heart of management?

The term "heart" refers to the central point of a specific activity.

Management is about improving performance, and directing accomplishes just that.

Directing is considered the heart of management because it is the management function that puts everything that has been prepared by the planning, organizing, and staffing into action.

It is the function of management that gets people to act after all preparations have been completed in the planning, organizing and staffing process.

Directing is also considered the heart of management because it seeks to improves employees performance through motivation, leadership, supervision and communication.

Motivating workers improves performance because well motivated workers tend to perform better than unmotivated workers.

Also, successful organization and management in a company are virtually always a result of good leadership, which is achieved through directing.

Directing, is therefore, the heart of management.

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